2016 Business Meeting Recap / Board Highlights for 2017

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2016 Business Meeting Recap / Board Highlights for 2017

Dalmau, Michelle Denise
Greetings TEI friends,

The 2017 Board of Directors has already met once this year, and we are working on refining our 2017 roadmap in light of 2016 pending activities and what we learned from you at the 2016 Conference and Annual Meeting of the TEI Consortium: http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/TEI-C_Board_Action_Items_for_2017.  

The 2016 Business Meeting was held on 30 September 2016. The agenda and minutes are posted on the TEI-C web site: http://www.tei-c.org/Membership/Meetings/2016/.  

The minutes are rather thorough, but here are some highlights:

  • Announced the Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity (http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/rahtz.xml); Stay tuned for Call for Nominations in April
  • TEI Journal plans to adopt a rolling publication model with two categories for submissions: research articles and project reports / technical notes
  • TAPAS received an NEH grant in support of TEI pedagogy
  • John Unsworth is retiring after serving many, many years as the TEI-C Treasurer, a role that actually encompassed far more than what is conveyed in our Bylaws; this year the TEI-C will be transitioning the tremendous amount of work John managed with respect to finances and membership to a management company 
  • Call for 2018/2019 Hosts coming in March!  
  • Mark you calendars for the 2017 Annual Conference and Members’ Meeting in Victoria, British Columbia, November 11-15, 2017!

I concluded the Business Meeting and 2016 Conference by recapping themes that the Board will be pursuing this year and onward — understanding our community, engaging our community, and expanding our community.  To learn more about the action items around the themes, an excerpt of my closing remarks is included in the Business Meeting minutes that provides additional details.  
We welcome input from the community so please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Board members about our 2017 road map, issues that arose in the Business Meeting or anything else.  

Now, back to 2017!  I would like to re-introduce the Board members and their offices/roles*:

Hugh Cayless, Chair of the Technical Council
Michelle Dalmau, Chair and Conference Correspondent
Luis Meneses, TEI-C Webmaster 
Kiyonori Nagasaki
Laurent Romary, Membership Secretary
Pip Willcox, Board Secretary
Kathryn Tomasek, Chair of the Program Committee for the 2017 Conference/Annual Meeting
John Unsworth, Interim Treasurer

I would like to profusely thank John Unsworth for his unwavering support of the TEI Consortium, and his tremendous, all-hours toil as he maintains our membership records and manages our finances, not to mention his invaluable counsel.  John remains Treasurer until we finalize the transition timeline for outsourcing a good chunk of his administrative work.  

The role of Treasurer moving forward will be far more strategic and less bogged down with administrative duties.  This is a Board appointed, non-voting and very important office of the Board.  We will be issuing a call for Treasurer from among our membership in the coming months. Please consider nominating yourself for this office.  

Finally, I would like to thank Kevin Hawkins, TEI-C Webmaster (2014-2016) and Assistant Webmaster before that (2011-2013), and Nick Homenda, TEI-C Assistant Webmaster (2015-2016) for the heroic back-end work in maintaining our current web site, running our annual elections (stressful stuff, people), ensuring smooth communication on our various email lists, and providing important input as both long-time (Kevin) and new-time (Nick) members of the TEI community.  

Kevin is still hanging out with us while he helps Luis Meneses, University of Victoria postdoc and former doctoral student of our TEI friends over at Texas A & M, get acquainted with our back-end.  Welcome, Luis!  We are lucky to have you on board (ha!).  

Kevin is also sheepherding the TEI-C website migration from the obsolescent OpenCMS platform to WordPress. The Guidelines and other outputs from the Council will, of course, continue to be encoded in TEI, but we desperately needed to streamline day-to-day web site maintenance and posting of content. Because the overhead of web site maintenance will be drastically reduced, the TEI-C is only filling one position for webmaster for 2017-2018.  

Wow!  I know this is a lot, but expect to hear more from your Board members this year.  This year we would like to explore the creation of working groups around all kinds of initiatives that would include members from the TEI community, convened by a Board member, as a way to embed the community needs more directly into the work of the Board.  

And, if we are ever too silent, email us or send a post to the list.  We are increasingly divulging our work on the wiki so that’s another place to see what we are up to: 

In solidarity,

* About the Board of Directors: http://www.tei-c.org/About/board.xml