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[Ann] Oxygen XML Editor version 23 release

Alex Jitianu

We are happy to announce that Oxygen XML Author/Editor version 23 is

Here is a subset of the released features that might be of interest to
the TEI community:


* XSLT 3.0 Content Completion Improved

* Content Completion for Text Value Templates Improved

* Emmet Plugin Automatically Installed for XSL

For more information, see:

Visual Editing

* Extend a Framework Using a Special Script

* Insert Tables in JATS Documents

* Copy XML Structure to the Clipboard

* New Shortcut to Select Element Content in Author Mode

For more information, see:


* Support for the border-radius CSS Property

* Display a Floating Toolbar Configured with CSS

For more information, see:


Various improvements were made to the Git Client add-on since the last
major release:

The Git Client now contributes a new side-view, called the Git Branch
Manager, which presents all the local and remote branches as a tree.
Actions were added to the tree's contextual menu to make it very easy to
check out branches, and to create or delete branches.

You can now easily switch between local branches using a drop-down menu
from the top-right corner of the Git Staging view or by using the Git
Branch Manager.

The JGit component included in the Git Client was updated to version 5.9.0.

Some editor variables are now supported, including:
${git(working_copy_name)}, ${git(working_copy_path)},
${git(short_branch_name)}, ${git(full_branch_name)}.

You can now undo changes by moving the HEAD of the current branch to the
selected commit using the new Reset "[branch_name]" to this commit action.

Various actions and options were added to enhance the Git Client. For
example, you can amend the last commit, automatically push changes to
the remote repository, compare two revisions of the same file, reset
stored credentials, and more options to create a new branch.

For the complete list of add-ons, see:


* Quickly Find and Invoke Actions

* Create New Projects from a Template

* Improved Speed When Editing Hebrew Content in Author Mode

* Profiling Attributes/Condition Text Options Pages Fine-Tuned

* Content Completion Feature Now Considers Sibling Elements

* Enable Spell Checking in Processing Instructions

* Reuse XPath Expressions and Operations When Defining External Actions

For more information, see:

For the complete list of features, go to

We hope you will enjoy Oxygen 23!
As always, any feedback on it is welcomed.

Best regards,
Alex Jitianu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger