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In a recent mailing to this list, I referred to EBT's DynaText as
`cheap and cheerful'.  Unfortunately, this phrase has several meanings in
different parts of the world, and is very inappropriate for that reason.

What I had meant to say could be better expressed by `uncomplicated for the
end user'.  I don't mean `not powerful' or `not sophisticated'.  You get
an uncluttered interface that gives you an immediate feeling that you
know what to do next.

So I'm sorry that what was in fact meant as a positive attribute sounded
negative because of my poor writing.

I should also say that I hope that because I mentioned SoftQuad and the TEI,
no-one inferred that EBT -- or anyone else  -- was not involved with or
interested in the TEI.  Quite the reverse is true, of course; many of the
SGML vendors are very interested indeed in the work of the TEI.  Steve DeRose
of EBT has been very involved in particular.

Steve DeRose has already very helpfully posted some more details of DynaText
to this list.

Again, please accept my apologies if I have confused or misled anyone,
and my thanks if you are one of the several people who pointed this out to me.


Liam Quin, Manager of Contracting, SoftQuad Inc +1 416 239 4801 [hidden email]
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``...be as forgiving as us in our errors as we are of others when they err.''