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Scholger, Martina (

Dear TEI Community,


I wish you a Happy New Year!


We had the TEI Technical Council annual chair elections in December and since no other candidates were standing for election, I am pleased to serve as Chair for 2021 as well. 


I'd like to cordially thank our outgoing Council member Nicolas Cole for his services to the TEI Community. I also want to thank all Council members for doing a great job in this very challenging year.

Finally, I'd like to warmly welcome our new members Janelle Jenstad and Helena Bermúdez Sabel on the TEI Technical Council and look forward to our cooperation.  


You can follow the work of the TEI Council on GitHub ( and we encourage you to take part in the discussions and to open new issues. The meeting minutes of the TEI Council's monthly calls and the (virtual) F2F meetings can be found here:

We are currently preparing for the next release of the TEI Guidelines and Stylesheets which is planned for mid-February.






Dr. Martina Scholger

Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

Elisabethstraße 59/III

8010 Graz


[hidden email] |


Chair of the TEI Technical Council |

Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik e.V. |