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Blank Encoding

Franck H. Bodmer
Dear TEI-L readers,

We are working on SGML Indexing Software and are interested to know if
somebody ever uses any kind of TEI Encoding Scheme for blanks (or any
number of blanks, white pages etc.) in texts.

There are many examples in Literature where the 'semantics' of blanks
appearing in a text may have any importance, like e.g. in Lawrence Sterne's
"Tristram Shandy".

Franck Bodmer
Institut fuer deutsche Sprache
R5,6 - 13
D-68161 Mannheim

tel.: +49/0621-1581-271
fax : +49/0621-1581-200

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Re: Blank Encoding

Henry S. Thompson
We used a few ad-hoc ways of annotating the blanks/blank lines we ran
into in the course of marking up some of the ECI/MC1 material (see
below for brief plug for our CD-ROM), here are some extracts from some
editorial practices descriptions:

`A "pl:(number)" 'rend' attribute on <p> marks cases where paragraphs
were separated from their predecessors by other than a single blank
line, in which case the number gives the number of blank lines.'

`  Lines with only blank chars on have been rendered empty;
   Line-final blank characters have been elided.
   . . .
   Blank lines are removed, but 'rend' attributes are provided
   wherever this is done.  Similarly for the paragraph-initial spacing.
   The key 'pl' is used for blank lines (short for "paragraph leading"),
   and the key 'pi' is used for indentation (short for "paragraph
   indent"), e.g. <p rend="pl:2,pi:2">.
   Note that leading of 1 and indent of 3 is the default, and unmarked.'

Hope this helps a tiny bit.


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