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Martin Holmes
Hi all,

Syd Bauman and I will be teaching an Introduction to XSLT for Digital
Humanists course at DHSI in Victoria 12-16 June this year. If you're
involved in a TEI text encoding project and just beginning to wonder
what you might be able to do with your encoded texts once you've created
them, this course is for you. Here's the description:

XSLT is the power tool of the XML world. It is a computer programming
language intended to transform one XML document (e.g., in TEI) to
another XML document (e.g., in XHTML); furthermore, it is expressed in
XML itself. For digital humanists familiar with XML languages like TEI,
EAD, METS, MODS, or DocBook, and XHTML, SVG, KML, or MathML, XSLT makes
it possible to transform, manipulate, and publish your data in
extraordinarily flexible ways. This hands-on course will introduce
participants to the essential concepts of XSLT in a digital humanities
context, dealing with real-world textual data. Participants will explore
the basic capacities of XSLT for TEI-to-TEI and TEI-to-XHTML
transformations, writing basic transforms of their own.

Prerequisites: Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application or
equivalent. That is, fluency in XML and TEI is assumed. Familiarity with
XHTML very helpful. Familiarity with CSS or JavaScript helpful.

Consider this offering to build on: Text Encoding Fundamentals and their
Application; Conceptualising and Creating a Digital Documentary Edition,
and more!

More information is available here:


We're course #49. Register soon to be sure of a place!

All the best,