DiXiT Workshop CfP: The educational and social impact of Digital Scholarly Edition (Roma, Jan 24, 2017)

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DiXiT Workshop CfP: The educational and social impact of Digital Scholarly Edition (Roma, Jan 24, 2017)

Anna-Maria Sichani

​​---- apologies for cross-posting ​-----

DiXiT workshop: Call for Proposals

The educational and social impact of Digital Scholarly Edition

Digilab and DiXiT network (http://dixit.uni-koeln.de/) organize a one day workshop on the educational application and social impact of digital scholarly editions. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, January 24, 2016, in conjunction with the AIUCD 2017 Conference and the 3rd EADH Day (aiucd2017.aiucd.it) at the Sapienza University of Roma.

Keynote speech by Agiatis Benardou, Senior Researcher at the Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C. and manager of Europeana Research: “’Signatures of all things I am here to read’: Digital Research as Practice, Digital Networks as Public Engagement”.

Invited talk by Silvia Orlandi, Associate Professor of Latin Epigraphy at Sapienza University: “EAGLE dedicated services and their educational potential”.

The goal of the workshop is to share experiences and foster theoretical reflections about the impact of digital scholarly editing products and methods, primarily in the educational context, but also in the more general social context. The use of digital technologies in teaching prompts a reflection on the added value of using these technologies and raises some controversial questions. At the same time, digital research outcomes and methods should not be considered as separate from the more general cultural and social context. In this sense, digital scholarly editions can play a relevant role in the public engagement of humanities scholarship. These topics can be articulated in the following issues:

  • the digital editions in teaching philology and textual criticism

  • digital editions in disciplinary context

  • digital editions and their social impact

  • digital editions and academic publishing

  • digital editions and public humanities

The organizers solicit proposals for interventions in form of papers, small tutorials session, round table and lightening talks. Abstracts of max 500 words can be submitted via the AIUCD 2017 ConfTool, available at http://www.conftool.net/aiucd2017/. The official language of the Workshop is English.

Dixit Workshop Cfp extended to December 15

Submitters must create an account on the system and then use the specific type of submission “DIXIT Workshop”. Notification of acceptance will be communicated by December 20, 2016.​ 

On behalf of the organising committee, 


Anna-Maria Sichani
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (DiXiT ITN​) | Huygens ING (KNAW) 
Research Fellow King's Digital Lab