Digital epigraphy & papyrology wiki editing sprint, Nov 10

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Digital epigraphy & papyrology wiki editing sprint, Nov 10

Paolo Monella
(With the usual apologies for cross-posting, and for copy-pasting an
original message by Gabriel Bodard)

Dear all,

Next Tuesday, November 10th 2020, the Digital Classicist Wiki community
will be holding a wiki-editing sprint from 16-18:00 GMT, with a focus on
epigraphy and papyrology. Details of what an editing sprint involves and
how to join can be found at

We would particularly welcome the addition or updating of any pages
relating to EpiDoc projects or tools. Is your project listed at  ?
Is the information on your project's page up to date? Are any of the
pages listed there defunct or misleading? We also welcome any
information on digital epigraphic and papyrological projects that don't
directly involve EpiDoc, including texts from outside the Greco-Roman

If you have information to add or correct but are not able to edit the
wiki yourself, please feel free to send your updates here (or to me
off-list) and we'll try to make sure it gets added eventually by another

Many thanks, and I hope to see many of you at the sprint next week.