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Lou Burnard-2
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Subj:   tauber

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Subject: tauber

On the Unix system I use for TEI development work, I have a
declaration which begins like this:


This has the effect that any SYSTEM entities are searched for in the
current directory first, and then in the directory /home/lou/TEI/odd

In addition, the directory /home/lou/TEI/entities is searched for
public entities defined as being of type entities: the filename being
that used as the public entity name sufficed by .ent

So for example, a declaration-and-use like the following:

<!ENTITY  % ISOLat1       PUBLIC
            "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN"         >


causes the declarations in the file


to be embedded.

I assume that I could also put all my dtd files in a directory


and then invoke them by a declaration like

<!ENTITY  % teiprose       PUBLIC
            "TEI P3 1994 //DTD TEI Prose Base Tagset//EN"         >

in a similar sort of way,  but frankly, the effort in getting the
entities to work discouraged me from further experimentation. Roll on
the new improved sgmls