Generating stripspace.xsl.model from ODD

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Generating stripspace.xsl.model from ODD

Jakub Simek
Dear list,

Could anyone please give me a hint how the list of TEI elements in which whitespace-only text nodes are considered as insignificant and can therefore be removed would be generated from an ODD file?

The current standard TEI-All list is contained in the stripspace.xsl.model file, as stated in This file can be found under

But I wonder how I would generate such a list for a customized ODD where the content model of some elements has been changed (e.g. in order to prevent mixed content). I understand that I probably would need to compile my ODD to make it self-contained, but then it still contains references to macros in the content specifications of elements. So just looking for missing <textNode/> in the content models of elements does not do the job and one probably would need to resolve the macro references.

But is there perhaps already a script around to do this?

Best wishes,

Jakub Simek
Heidelberg University Library