How to encode composite speech "incidents"?

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How to encode composite speech "incidents"?

Tomaž Erjavec
Dear all,

in the context of the ParlaMint project
( we are encoding parliamentary
corpora, where we also convert the transcriber comments into one of
<incident> (e.g. /PM hands over the document/), <kinesic> (e.g.
/applause/) or <vocal> (e.g. /laughter/) - and we will also further
specify these by @type.

But we've come across some cases where the comment is a composite, which
covers several of these elements, e.g. /laughter and applause/, and we
are stumped as to how to encode this; the best we've come up so far is
to make an implicit hierarchy of the elements (incident < kinesic <
vocal), and encode such cases the top level element. Would anybody have
a better idea?