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Robin C. Cover
Does anyone have access to ISO 639, and would you be willing to
summarize the information on language codes?  ISO 639 bears the
title (ca.) _Codes for the representation of names of languages_,
and according to the ANSI office in New York, was updated in
1988.  I cannot afford the $37 this document costs, and would
appreciate help from anyone who has it.  A summary of language
codes would probably be worth posting publicly.  I would like to obtain
as many codes as possible, but particularly, for languages of
antiquity (e.g., Latin, Aramaic, Akkadian; any which have been
identified in the ISO) and a fuller list for modern western languages.
Note that these two-letter codes are not (always) the same as the
country (and postal) codes of ISO 3166 (for example, where Israel
would be IL). The language codes known to me currently are as follows:

Arabic      AR
Chinese     CH
Danish      DA
Dutch       NL
English     EN
French      FR
German      DE
Greek       GR
Hebrew      HE
Hindi       HI
Italian     IT
Japanese    JA
Portuguese  PT
Russian     RU
Sanskrit    SA
Spanish     ES
Urdu        UR

Many thanks.

Robin Cover

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