Informal job offer for TEI specialist at Wuppertal University

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Informal job offer for TEI specialist at Wuppertal University

Patrick Sahle

Dear TEI enthusiasts,

in the process of building a team around the chair for Digital Humanities[1] at Wuppertal University I am looking for a TEI specialist (mainly data modelling in interaction with other scholars, but also data curation and workflows). In an ideal world this would be an experienced researcher holding a PhD or MA. As these animals are rare, please don't hesitate to get in touch even if you don't consider yourself to be experienced or a specialist as yet but could image to become one. Formal frame is decent salary (TV-L E13 [2]), 50-100% FTE, first contract up to three years (based on but exceeding a project[3] that will run for further 12 years), start of work 1.11.19 or later, place of work: Wuppertal[4], possibility of pursuing a PhD, capability to communicate in German (with project partners and administration) is expected within one year (seriously).

This is an informal exploration. Drop me a line if you are interested and we will talk.

Best, Patrick

[4] The city that brought you Aspirin, Heroin and Communism - as they say