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Information on SGML parser

Cvetana Krstev 38-11-639-544
In December, 1989 I have received through this list
the information that MARK-IT software can be obtained,
if used for research. I have sent to Yard Software System
the signed contract and everything thay asked for but
I have received no answer. Does anyone know what happened?

Maybe somebody connected to this list knows for some
other SGML parser for IBM PC XT/AT/386 that could be
obtained. It would be strictly used for the research,
namely for the construction of the pilot Serbo-Croatian
corpus marked up usin SGML.

As this list is till now my only conection with the
SGML users, I would be very important for any information.

Ms Cvetana Krstev
Computer Laboratory
Faculty of Science
Studentski trg 16
11000 Beograd