Layout @register vs @column naming conventions

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Layout @register vs @column naming conventions

Paterson, Duncan
Dear List, 

when encoding East Asian xylographs pages often feature a page layout with multiple boxes each containing its own text stream (二/節版). This has obvious ramifications for how to encode the text into tei-xml, but currently no standard way of recording via the layout element. 

It would be great if more people familiar with East Asian xylography, funky text boxes that aren’t columns, or other vertical script layout conventions would chime in on the github issues here to help us come up with an appropriate attribute name:

As you can see there, I favour @register since it is the term most commonly used in english language scholarship, but also well attested as technical term for printed matter. But there are concerns that it might be too confusing. So please fire away with suggestions. 

Duncan Paterson