Looking for testers for an encoding project about poetry

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Looking for testers for an encoding project about poetry

Iuri Moscardi

Dear all,

my name is Iuri Moscardi and I am a PhD student in Comparative Literature at CUNY Graduate Center (New York).

I am writing you because I am part of a team and for our Digital Humanities class we are building an encoding project focused on poetry. The project will develop an online webapp, end/line, which allow users to sign up, upload a poem as plain text, encode it following TEI Guidelines and then compare it with other users' encoding of the same text. We indeed believe that encoding could be a form of close reading, and we offer the possibility to experiment encoding to all the users. The project, as said, will be focused on poetry in English and could be employed also as a didactical and pedagogical tool.

We are now looking for a group of people, with at least a basic expertise of TEI, as testers for the project: we have just started to build end/line, so the testing will be approximately at the end of March or in April. We will ask the testers to use our app, either by online or in person meetings (if you reside in NYC area), and to give us back their feedbacks.

If someone is interested, or if requires more informations, please contact me by e-mail at [hidden email]

You can find some other informations about end/line on our blog or following our Twitter account.

Thank you very much,

Iuri Moscardi