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MarkIt License Update

Lou Burnard-7
I have received a letter from Yard Software to the effect that copies of
MarkIt (version 2.2) are on their way to the following lucky subscribers
to this list:-

  David Stuebler (Montclair); Terry Butler (Alberta); Karel Babcicky (Oslo);
  Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen (Leiden); Axel Wupper (Bonn); David Birnbaum
  (Harvard); Stig Johansson (Oslo); Hans van Halteren (Nijmegen); Brad
  Inwood (Toronto); Charles Faulhaber (Berkeley); C M Sperberg-McQueen
  (Chicago); Yair Orgler (Tel Aviv); PMCvan Dijck (Amsterdam); John
  Bradley (Toronto); Jagos Puric (Belgrade)

If your name doesnt appear on this list and you think you've gone through
the required hoops (i.e. sent the signed license form together with a
request on the headed notepaper of your institution), don't hesitate to
badger Yard Software Systems! The address is

  Geoffrey Gudgion, Yard Software Systems Ltd, Avonbridge House,
  Bath Road, Chippenham SN15 2BB     fax +44 (249) 655723

It occurs to me that this list might be a good way for users of MarkIt
to share impressions, expertise, tips etc. and generally act as a mutual
support group. I have fairly good links with the company and will willingly
act as an intermediary if there is general interest in this possibility.

Lou Burnard
Assoc Ed, TEI