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New product announcement from Sema

Lou Burnard-7
Sema Group recently announced a new structured document editor for SGML.
Called WriteIt, the product operates either as a smart SGML editor,
as a word processor or as a friendly user interface to version 3 of MarkIt
(not yet released). I saw the product briefly demonstrated by Martin Bryan
(its author) yesterday and was quite impressed.

The blurb says:
 When using WriteIt as an SGML smart editor, the
author selects a compiled DTD, which then allows documents to be viewed
as structured documents. The documents can be "browsed" from node to
node of the structure. Whether creating a new document or editing an
existing document, menu bars show the cursor's location within the tree
structure of the document and the permissible tags at that point.

Tags are inserted by selection from the menu. The structure is validated
interactively, so selecting a tag automatically results in a new series
of tag options being presented. This allows local enrichment of the
structure by the use of optional or repeatable elements. WriteIt
supports tag minimisation (such as ShortTag) on loading an existing
document, and Omit tag interactively.

The user interface includes windowing, optional mouse and pull down
menus including extensive Help screens. A comprehensive range of word
processing functions are provided in addition to the SGML
capabilities. Editing functions include cut and paste between
windows with automatic revalidation of the structure. To minimize the
risk of tag errors, cuts containing nest elements must include both
start and end tags for all nested elements within the cut.

WriteIt is available for DOS pcs  and requires a minimum of 640K of
memory. Versions for MS-Windows and UNIX will be available later in

No pricing information is available yet.

For more information, contact Yard Software Systems Avonbridge House
Bath Road Chippenham Wilts SN15 2BB