New version of EVT 2 released

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New version of EVT 2 released

Roberto Rosselli Del Turco-2
EVT 2 beta 1, aka "The Halloween release", is available for download
with many new features: improved support for critical editions (critical
apparatus also available in a dedicated text frame, apparatus fontium,
support for multiple recensions), initial support for named entities,
initial support for a working area, and more. As for previous versions
the starting point is a TEI P5 document holding your critical or
diplomatic edition, support for the latter is still incomplete since the
EVT 1 features porting is currently under way.

Full announcement available here:

As usual, the latest archive can be downloaded from SourceForge:

Let us know what you think of this release! please send all comments,
suggestions, bug reports, etc. to [hidden email].



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