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Next release in August

Scholger, Martina (

Dear TEI-Community,


I wanted to give you a heads-up about the next planned release of the TEI-C Guidelines which is scheduled for August 12-13.


As always, we are grateful for any community contributions in fixing open issues via pull requests or suggesting other improvements. Please keep in mind that a two weeks refrigeration period precedes the release date, starting on July 29. During this time, only bug fixes will be reviewed and no additional features will be added. If you plan to send in a pull request for the upcoming release, please do so some time before July 29!

We are looking forward to addressing a number of issues in the next release and will of course keep you updated.


Best, Martina

(Chair of the TEI Technical Council)



Martina Scholger

Centre for Information Modeling

Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

University of Graz

A-8010 Graz | Elisabethstra├če 59/III

+43 316 380 2291

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Chair of the TEI Technical Council |

Institut f├╝r Dokumentologie und Editorik e.V. |