Nominations for Board, Council, and TAPAS elections

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Nominations for Board, Council, and TAPAS elections

Kathryn Tomasek-2
Dear friends and colleagues,

Please remember that nominations for Board, Council, and TAPAS elections are due on Tuesday, 30 June.

I have pasted the information from my previous message below, where you will find a link to the Google form for nominations.

Dear members of the TEI community,

The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI-C) invites nominations for election to the TEI-C Board, the Technical Council, and the TAPAS Advisory Board.

The following positions are vacant and up for election:

·       3 on the Board (2 for 3-year terms, 1 for a 2-year term)

·       5 on the Council (4 for 3-year terms, 1 for a 2-year term)

·       1 on the TAPAS Advisory Board (for 3-year term)

Please submit your nominations to the TEI-C Board Nominating Committee by 30 June 2020: Google form.

The elections will take place via online voting prior to the virtual Members’ Meeting  in October 2020.


Self-nominations are welcome and common. TEI-C membership is not a requirement to serve on the Board or Council or on the TAPAS Advisory Board. All nominees who choose to accept their nomination will be asked to provide a brief statement of interest and biographical paragraph, and to give notice that, if elected, they will be willing to serve.

Once nominations are received and registered, the named person will be asked for:

·       formal acceptance of  the nomination by 20 July

·       a biography and a statement of interest and purpose by 15 August

All nominees are reminded that it is the duty of members of all three bodies to participate actively in the discussion, activities, and meetings of their respective body.

The TEI-C seeks to represent its community and encourages diversity and gender balance in all its constituencies. It provides a welcoming environment for all.

TEI-C Board

The TEI-C Board is the governing body for the TEI Consortium and is responsible for its strategic and financial oversight. The Board conducts its business by email correspondence, monthly teleconferences, and at its annual meeting, for which travel subsidies are available. For more information on the Board, including a list of current members, please see: <>. This year two of the TEI Board of Directors  vacancies are for 3 years, with another one for 2 years as part of the transition to 3-year terms. 

TEI-C Technical Council

The TEI-C Technical Council oversees the technical development of the TEI Guidelines. Candidates for Council should be reasonably experienced users of the Guidelines, and expertise/interest in specific areas is helpful. Council members also evaluate bug reports and feature requests, and they have primary responsibility for editing and updating the Guidelines and its release packages. Prospective candidates should be available for subsidized travel to one or two face-to-face meetings annually, and they should be able to commit to ongoing work during the course of the year. For more information on the Council, including a list of current members, please see: <>. This year four of the TEI Technical Council vacancies are for 3 years, with another one for 2 years as part of the transition to 3-year terms. 

TAPAS Advisory Board

The TAPAS Advisory Board contributes to the strategic planning of TAPAS, a TEI publishing and repository service, and the elected members represent the needs and perspective of the TEI community. Advisory Board members work via email correspondence and occasional conference calls and may be asked for advice and assistance with grant planning, collaborative alliances with other organizations, and outreach to the TEI community. Elected members serve a term of three years. For more information about the TAPAS Advisory Board, please see: <>.

Best wishes,


On behalf of the Nominating Committee 2020:

Kathryn Tomasek, TEI-C Board Chair

Scott Hamlin, TAPAS Co-Director

Luis Meneses, TEI-C Webmaster

James Cummings, TEI-C Board member

Martina Scholger, TEI-C Council Chair

Kathryn Tomasek
Chair, TEI-C Board of Directors
Professor of History
Wheaton College
Norton, Massachusetts

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