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Richard Goerwitz
What is this OED2 everyone keeps talking about?  I have only heard
of a large OED2 database project.  I don't know of any publicly ac-
cessible OED text.  If in fact there is no PD text, I would suggest
that we turn our discussion elsewhere.  If there is, could someone
perhaps tell us all where we can access it, and join in this discus-


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Re: OED2

Robert A Amsler-2
OED2 is the 2nd edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.
It is most certainly not public domain data, nor is
the OED (1st edition). The OED2 was published and is now
the multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary you can buy
for a few thousand dollars. It has been out for maybe
a year.

The OED2 is available for access at the University of Waterloo's
Centre for the New OED, which does accept applications
for visiting scholars to come there and do work with it.
I am also certain they would allow a visitor to Univ. of Waterloo to work with
it there.

Bellcore also has a copy, because Bellcore is the home of the
North American Reader Program for the Oxford English Dictionary.

I also believe someone at the Univ. of Chicago may have a copy.

I am not sure what your complaint is? Is it that because you
don't have a copy that other people shouldn't refer to the existence
of this data? It isn't a secret database, it is just the proprietary
data of a large publisher who has been very generous in allowing
scholars to work with their database--although NOT in giving away
copies of it.

It is also, to my knowledge, the largest and longest duration
SGML tagged corpus project in the world.