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Janelle Jenstad

Dear TEI-L Members,


As you know, the theme of the upcoming TEI2017 conference in Victoria is “Pedagogy and Praxis.” The Local Organizing Committee has secured some time on Wednesday morning (following the “TAPAS Classroom” paper) for a roundtable on reviving the Pedagogy SIG. The goal of the roundtable and subsequent discussion will be to identify the most important objectives a newly revitalized Pedagogy SIG might achieve over the next two years, provided there is sufficient interest.


In order to hear from the broadest range of voices and disciplines, I’m asking everyone giving papers in the “Pedagogy and Praxis” stream of the conference to answer the questions below.  I’d also like to hear from TEI-L members who are not able to attend the conference.  Please send written answers to me (Local Organizing Committee member Janelle Jenstad at [hidden email]) by Thursday, Nov. 9th. I will aggregate them and then offer a summary in the session so that your voices can be heard as well.

  1. Describe the context in which you teach (or would like to teach) TEI. (Formal course on TEI or unit on TEI within another course? Age and experience of students? For credit course? Which discipline?)
  2. What are the principal challenges and benefits of teaching TEI in the context you've described?
  3. How do you use the TEI Guidelines and other resources (TEI by Example, TEI-L, scholarly articles, guidebooks like Lou Burnard's What is the Text Encoding Initiative?, WWP resources) in your teaching?
  4. What resources, tools, and aids would you like to have?
  5. What are the most important immediate tasks for a Pedagogy SIG? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Other ideas are very welcome!

·       Augmenting TEI Guidelines with teaching materials and suggestions

·       Updating lists of teaching resources

·       Vetting pedagogical initiatives

·       Setting up a listserv for teachers of TEI

·       Developing a semi-formal level system to identify TEI courses (e.g., Intro, Basic, Advanced, Expert), to facilitate a stepped approach to TEI across pedagogical contexts

  1. Would you be willing to speak for 1-2 minutes on these questions at a Roundtable on the final day of the conference? (Janelle will follow up with you.)
  2. Would you be interested in chairing the Pedagogy SIG? (I’d like to be involved in the SIG, but already have a full plate and cannot chair the SIG.)




Janelle Jenstad, Associate Professor, Department of English

Executive Director and Coordinating Platform Editor, Internet Shakespeare Editions at Victoria

Director, The Map of Early Modern London

University of Victoria

Skype:  janelle.jenstad; Cell: +1 250-858-7269; Time zone: UTC -8

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