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Place and hand attributes for trailer elements

Paul Broyles
In encoding texts in medieval manuscripts, I would use @place on the <head> element to encode that an incipit is found in the margin instead of the text block. I would expect to be able to do the same thing with <trailer>, using @place for a marginal explicit, and I was surprised to find that <trailer> isn’t a member of att.placement.

While @place is my immediate concern, in double-checking to make sure I was correct, I noticed that <trailer> also lacks @hand. Again, the relevance for <head> is obvious (headings might be provided in a different hand), but it seems equally applicable to trailer.

Is there a reason <trailer> isn’t a member of att.placement and att.written? Might a proposal to add it be entertained? It seems reasonable to think of <head> and <trailer> as homologous, and would be nice if we could use them accordingly.

Paul A. Broyles, Ph.D.
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Medieval Studies
North Carolina State University

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