Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Cultural Heritage and TEI

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Cultural Heritage and TEI

Michelson, David Allen
Dear TEI Colleagues,

With apologies for the double posting, but I was informed that the message
I sent yesterday had corrupted line breaks which made it unreadable for
some e-mail applications.

Instead, please follow this link below if you are interested in this
position. I am happy to take any questions about the position off list.

See full posting at

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Cultural Heritage and the Text Encoding

Vanderbilt University invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship
in TEI/MEI as part of the Digital Cultural Heritage Research Cluster
situated within the Vanderbilt University Center for Digital Humanities.

Applicants are invited from any relevant discipline including the
humanities, library science, museum studies, or data science. We are
looking for a talented scholar who will train and foster the growing
community of students and faculty at Vanderbilt interested in the
application of XML encoding to cultural heritage preservation and
research. The successful applicant will be an effective teacher
experienced in introducing beginners to the guidelines of the Text
Encoding Initiative (TEI) and also able to collaborate with scholars in
the advanced application of the TEI in research. The ideal applicant will
also be familiar with the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) or willing to
learn and teach its guidelines as part of the fellowship.

David Michelson