Publication: Variants 14, the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship

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Publication: Variants 14, the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship

Elli Bleeker
Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to inform you of the publication of the fourteenth issue of Variants, the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship. 

The issue provides an insightful reflection on ongoing developments in the field of textual scholarship. Topics range from automated collation to the functionalities of digital archives/editions; from a vindication of metrical information in Shakespeare's plays to the compelling histories of canonical texts like Dante's or Copernicus's.

The issue is available in Open Access on <>, where you can also freely download the PDFs of each of the contributions.


The editorial team,

Wim Van Mierlo, general editor
Wout Dillen, associate editor
Elli Bleeker, associate editor
Stefano Rosignoli, review editor

- Paul Eggert, "The Archival Impulse and the Editorial Impulse";
- Christopher A. Plaisance, "Textual Realities: An Aristotelian Realist Ontology of Textual Entities";
- Merisa Martinez, Wout Dillen, Elli Bleeker, Anna-Maria Sichani and Aodhán Kelly, "Refining our conceptions of ‘access’ in digital scholarly editing: Reflections on a qualitative survey on inclusive design and dissemination";
- Elisa Nury, "Visualizing Collation Results";
- Claudia Tardelli, "Prolegomena to the New Edition of Francesco da Buti’s Commentary on Dante’s Commedia. Purgatorio"; 
- Peter Groves, "Textual Editing, Shakespeare’s Metre and the Reader on the Clapham Omnibus";
- Mikas Vaicekauskas, "To Edit a National Poem. The Editing of Kristijonas Donelaitis’s Poem Metai and its Sociocultural Context".

Review Essay
- André Goddu, "The (likely) Last Edition of Copernicus’s Libri revolutionum". 

Book Reviews
- Bélen Almeida, "Gaspar Aguilar, La comedia segunda de los agravios perdonados";
- Ann-Marie Einhaus, "Reading and the First World War: Readers, Texts, Archives";
- Hans Walter Gabler, "Luca Crispi, Joyce’s Creative Process and the Construction of Characters in 'Ulysses. Becoming the Blooms'";
- Simon Mahony, "Analysis of Ancient and Medieval Texts and Manuscripts: Digital Approaches";
- Marco Matteoli, "Ramon Llull, Vida i Obres. Volum I";
- Anna McMullan, "Dirk Van Hulle, The Making of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape / La Dernière Bande";
- François Rouget, "Pierre de Ronsard, Œuvres complètes"; 
- Sam Slote, "James Joyce, Brouillons d’un baiser : premiers pas vers Finnegans Wake".