REMINDER: CFP: Issue 11 of the Journal of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: 2016 Conference Issue

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REMINDER: CFP: Issue 11 of the Journal of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: 2016 Conference Issue

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REMINDER: CFP: Issue 11 of the Journal of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: 2016 Conference Issue


The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative (jTEI, <>) is the official peer-reviewed, open-access journal of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium. The objectives of the journal are to disseminate as widely as possible information about the TEI and its applications to scholarship. The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative publishes state-of-the-art reports on electronic textual editing, current trends in TEI encoding, and new use cases for TEI. It provides a forum for articles on the discussion of the interface between the TEI and other communities, and more generally of the role of technological standards in the digital humanities.

Beginning in 2017, in an effort to shorten time from submission to publication, for both the conference and non-conference articles, we will publish articles as soon as they are ready for publication in a new “Preview” area, as is increasingly common with other online journals. URL and DOI remain unchanged when articles move from the “Preview” area to a specific issue.

The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative is now soliciting contributions for its 2016 Conference Issue. We invite all presenters from the 2016 Conference in Vienna to submit articles based on their presentations through the submission process on <>. If you have been an author or reviewer before, you should be able to use your existing login; otherwise you'll need to create an account. You will have to submit your contribution in an appropriate category in the “Conference Call” track.

Submissions are accepted in three categories that reflect the current state of TEI-related research and address the growing need for reference corpora and data sets:

* Research papers:  Research papers document conceptual, theoretical, exploratory, and innovative work and include the apparatus one expects in a scholarly research paper: scholarly citations, footnotes, appropriate bibliography, etc.

* Project / Tool Notes: Project/Tool notes are descriptive reports that detail detailing the accomplishments and contributions of a particular project, tool, encoding method, etc.

* Data sets: Data sets are organized collections of TEI or related data that are accompanied by a short descriptive paper that describes the data set and its contribution to the the TEI and other scholarly communities. The data set must be published in a publicly accessible archive such as GitHub, TAPAS, or the Oxford Text Archive. The jTEI will not host the dataset, but will publish the descriptive paper along with a link to the data set.

Deadline: The submission deadline for the 2016 Conference Issue is **April 30, 2017**

Please feel free to contact any of the editors with specific questions about articles or the submission process. Guest editors for this issue are Claudia Resch, Tanja Wissik and Vanessa Hannesschläger.

Note that we have adopted a new Author Agreement based on open access principles which leaves copyright with the author rather than vesting it in the Journal, giving you much greater control over your work:

We encourage all authors to deposit pre-prints of their submissions in their home institutional repositories or a similar open access repository before they are published in the jTEI.

Useful links for authors:
* Author guidelines: <>
* Author agreement: <>

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| Adjunct Associate Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences
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