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Kevin Hawkins
I'm belatedly resurrecting this thread to say that I'm glad to see so much interest in IIIF, which as various people have noted, is gaining significant traction in the cultural heritage community. As some of you are no doubt aware, a workgroup within the SIG on Libraries has been working to update Best Practices for TEI in Libraries, which discusses, among other things, methods for linking between a TEI document and whole page images (see the latest snapshot of the discussion of this topic).

We would very much appreciate if someone who knows both TEI and IIIF could offer a brief explanation for the best method to reference whole page images that are accessible through a IIIF API.  We'd like to incorporate this explanation into the discussion of linking in the Best Practices. A couple of approaches have been offered in this discussion, but we're unclear on the implications of choosing one over another. You are welcome to send me suggested prose by email, or you fork our repository and submit a pull request.

You'll be recognized in our list of contributors and, more importantly, receive the gratitude of librarians around the world!  Thank you in advance!