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Michael Sperberg-McQueen
On Wed, 20 Apr 1994 15:39:57 CDT Peter Christian said:
>I'm just marking up a text in which characters quote conversations
>with other characters. Is it OK to mark this up with
>      <q>.....<q>.....</q>.....</q>
>or is it necessary to some different tag (eg. <cit>) to distinguish
>the levels?

Others have already replied to this, but have made much heavier weather
than I think is strictly necessary.  The quick and simple answer is yes,
the markup you suggest is quite all right and is that expected by the
relevant portions of TEI P3.  Your processing software should be able to
keep track of the nesting without trouble.  (That is to say, if it
can't, you may wish to find new software, or write new software.)

Your remark that you are working with medieval text (and thus perhaps
with narrative verse), however, does suggest one further caveat:  since
direct discourse does not nest gracefully within verse lines, you may
find it necessary to break the Q element into multiple pieces, one
within each verse line of the dialog.  (Or else break the verse lines,
if need be, whenever the direct discourse begins or ends in midline.)
This happens in prose, too, of course, but it's slightly less of a pain
there.  (And in prose without paragraph breaks, it's no pain at all.)

-C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

P.S. David Megginson is quite right in his discussion of 'vanilla'
vs. 'flavored' text-section elements; TEI P3 defines both vanilla and
flavored versions (div and div0 ... div7).