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Scholger, Martina (

Dear TEI Community!


The TEI Consortium has released version 3.4.0 of the TEI Guidelines (Codename: Dog Days). Our release technicians were Peter Stadler and Raff Viglianti, assisted by Syd Bauman, Hugh Cayless, James Cummings, Ian Rifkin and myself. The release went smoothly, which is the way we like it. For details, please see the release notes below.


As always, we encourage you all to report bugs and make feature requests via the GitHub site at Your input is what tells us what to work on, and we cannot do without it! All of the TEI Consortium’s software projects are hosted at and issues or feature requests should be reported at the various project repositories there. The Guidelines are available from all the usual places (such as the TEI website and the GitHub site A new release of the TEI Stylesheets has been made in conjunction with the 3.4.0 release at See more details for the Debian package at


Roma and OxGarage are now accessible from their new locations, for Roma and for OxGarage

Thanks to Paderborn University and Hochschule für Musik Detmold, two alternative servers for both services are available at ( and ( Both are running from Docker, the images are available at


Best wishes and happy encoding!

Martina Scholger

TEI Technical Council Chair


Release 3.4.0 (code name: Dog Days) of the TEI Guidelines introduces new features and resolves a number of issues raised by the TEI community. As always, the majority of these changes and corrections are a consequence of feature requests or bugs reported by the TEI community using the GitHub tracking system. A full list of the issues resolved in the course of this release cycle may be found under the<a href=";milestone%3A%22Guidelines&#43;3.4.0%22&#43;is%3Aclosed"> 3.4.0 milestone.

Highlights of this release include:

·         A new element <path> has been introduced. It can be used for the encoding of individual non-closed lines within a <surface> or <zone> (#1453).

·         The section on the <content> element in the Guidelines has been rewritten and improved (#1459 and #1718).

·         A new element, <unit>, has been added for encoding units of measurement in any kind of formal or informal system (#1461).

·         The values of the unit attribute have been harmonized for more consistency (#1630).

·         The description of <classDecl> has been revised and an example added in the Guidelines (#1640).

·         The model.physDescPart has been moved from the TEI module to the msDescription module (#1650).

·         To allow for the encoding of information about whom a speech act or physical action is directed to, a new attribute class, att.ascribed.directed, has been added. It provides several elements with the new toWhom attribute (#1679).

·         The streams attribute has been added to <layout> for indicating the number of text streams per page (#1687).

·         After adjustments to the content model and membership, the elements <pc> and <lbl> can now occur directly as a child of the elements <entry> and <hom> (#1702).

·         The unused datatype teidata.percentage has been removed, including all references and mentions (#1706).

·         The type attribute is now deprecated on the <macroSpec> element (#1737).

·         The <figure> element has been made a member of att.written to indicate different authors of drawings and the like in a manuscript (#1765).

·         The documentation of the attribute class att.linguistic has been extended, especially by providing documentation inside the "Simple Analytic Mechanism" chapter (#1753 and #1754).

·         Vestigial references to macro.schemaPattern in the schemas, exemplars, and English prose have been removed (#1768).

·         The elements <publisher>, <distributor> and <authority> are members of att.canonical now (#1775).


Dozens of wording improvements and corrections of typographic errors have been made to the Guidelines.

Furthermore, a number of translations have been added or updated.

In addition, many improvements have been made to the XSLT stylesheets (which provide processing of TEI ODD files for Roma and OxGarage as well as other TEI conversions). The Stylesheets are maintained separately from the Guidelines and are at



Dr. Martina Scholger

Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung

Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

Universität Graz

A-8010 Graz | Elisabethstraße 59/III

+43 316 380 2291

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Chair of the TEI Technical Council |

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