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Robin C. Cover
University of Exeter SGML Project

Paul A. Ellison
University of Exeter Computer Unit
Mathematics and Geology Building
North Park Road
Exeter EX4 4QE
Tel: +44 392-263951
Tel: +44 392-263939
FAX: +44 392-211630
Email (JANET): [hidden email]

In November, 1990, a two-year project was awarded by the UK Computer
Board for Universities and Research Councils to the University of Exeter
to evaluate SGML products for use in UK Universities and Research
Council establishments.  When appointed, the project staff will be
located within the University's Computer Unit and the project will be
directed by Paul Ellison, a member of the relevant ISO working committee
and a long-time proponent of SGML.  The aims of the project are:

(1) to investigate commercial products and review them for possible use
    in the UK Academia
(2) to investigate the current use of SGML within and without Academia
(3) to assess possible requirements for SGML systems in UK Academia
(4) to investigate the required utilities (e.g., editors, translators,
    formatters) and make recommendations concerning possible acquisition
(5) to define, in consultation with academic users, a vocabulary of
    element and entity names and develop general Document Type
    Definitions (DTDs)
(6) to maintain a library of DTDs
(7) to function as a center for information on the use of SGML
(8) to cooperate with AGOCG (the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics) in
    increasing the awareness of SGML in Academia

The project was first proposed within the context of an AGOCG-sponsored
workshop on the use of SGML in UK universities; see Advisory Group on
Computer Graphics [edited by Anne Mumford], Document Exchange: The Use
of SGML in the UK Academic and Research Community. Workshop Proceedings
5-7 March 1990. [The proceedings are available from the organizer: Anne
M. Mumford, Computer Centre, Loughborough University, Loughborough LE11
3TU, UNITED KINGDOM; Tel: 44 +509 222312; Fax: +44 392 211603; Email
(JANET): [hidden email].  See a full list of contributors
and presentation-titles in "Document Exchange in UK Universities," SGML
Users' Group Newsletter 17 (August 1990) 10.]  SGML was one of the
standards chosen by the AGOCG for structuring and distribution of
university-related information containing graphics (research documents,
teaching aids, view graphs).