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SGML Programs for Windows?

I'm not real familiar with the SGML format, but would really like to
learn.  I've retrieved a few SGML programs, but haven't got a clue
how to read them.  Is there a Public Domain SGML "viewer" for DOS,
MS-Windows, Unix, or VM/CMS?

Also, I am a Project Gutenberg volunteer, and have helped put a few
things on-line, but I'd be very interested in learning how to encode
the things I'm working in "SGML" format.  The PG approach is fine for
distributing texts for general reading, but I realize that they have
limited application for scholarly purposes.  Which of the many
documents at the LISTSERV should I retrieve to learn more about that,
and is it a "complicated" thing to do?  or is it something that I
could pretty easily do while proofing a flat-ASCII version of the file

Please point me to the proper documents, or give a response.  Shutup
and listen a while is a fine response if the general traffic of this
list would help me understand some of the above.

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