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SGML Software Conversion Project

[This is the item I intended to send!!]
Much of the following will be self explanatory.
Steve Klivansky is an undergraduate engineering
student who is working on this senior project inbetween
CCAT and his home school. He has been encouraged to
contact TEI members who are especially interested in
dictionary coding. "gntdict" refers to the Greek-English
dictionary of the New Testament that was published in
hard copy by the United Bible Societies and is distributed
electronically by CCAT.
Bob Kraft and Alan Humm, U Penn

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        I am writing this as a short update on the progress of my
        dictionary project.  As of today, I have a rough lex
        specification which is able to convert the gntdict files into
        a useful intermediate format with greater than 90% success.  I
        am currently working on the other 10%, and am considering
        doing touch-ups by hand.  This is roughly on schedule, and
        once a solid intermediate state exists it should not be too
        difficult to convert it to TEI format.  If my other classes do
        not interfere too much I hope to have a table-building package
        completed by the end of November.  This package should be
        capable of transforming a TEI formatted dictionary into
        compact usable form, and building lookup tables into the

        The immediate goal is to transform the gntdict files to a TEI
        format.  Once this is accomplished I will write a few pages on
        a generalized version of my technique.  Hopefully this will be
        useful in itself, but it will also contribute toward a final
        report which is a partial requirement for CSE 400.

        Any questions or comments are welcome, and I will be glad to
        meet in person if that is preferred.

        Thanks for your time and attention.

         [hidden email]