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SGML continuing education programs

Richard Vacca
This announcement is being posted to both tei-l and sgml-l. Sorry for any
duplication. Please distribute freely.

The University of Wisconsin Dept of Engineering Professional Development
offers these SGML-oriented continuing education courses, to be held in
Madison, Wisconsin, during 1995.

Building a Document Database with SGML
January 23-25, 1995
June 19-21, 1995

This program assumes some knowledge of SGML or other markup scheme, and some
knowledge of document management and textbases. It is aimed at DB and MIS
managers, documentation managers, systems analysts. The instructors are Dale
Waldt of Thomson Professional Publishing and Brian Travis of Information
Architects, Inc. The fee for this three day course is $845.

Creating Structured Documents
February 27-28, 1995
June 15-16, 1995

This program is aimed primarily at publications staffs in organizations that
produce manuals, catalogs, books, and online documents; also at managers who
need to evaluate SGML and the structured document environment. The instructor
is technical publishhing consultant Liora Alschuler. The fee for this two-day
course is $595.

For more information, complete course descriptions, or registration
information, contact Dick Vacca ([hidden email]) or Tom Smith
([hidden email]).
--Dick Vacca


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