TEI-C 2020 Election results

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TEI-C 2020 Election results

Kathryn Tomasek-2
Dear friends and colleagues,

Now that results have been announced at our annual Business Meeting, it gives me great pleasure to notify you all of the results of the 2020 TEI/TAPAS elections:

TEI Technical Council: 
Syd Bauman, Helena Bermúdez Sabel (two years), Hugh Cayless, Janelle Jenstad, and Raffaele Viglianti.

TEI Board:
Diane Jakacki, Ken Penner (two years), and Gimena del Rio Riande.

Laura Estill

Please note that the terms are for three years except as marked. The two-year terms will move us towards consistent three-year terms--and thus improved succession planning--in future.

Congratulations! And many thanks to all who contributed to the election process, including all who agreed to stand for election.

The TEI is a wonderful community, and I hope I speak for all of us when I say that we each contribute significantly through our involvement. This has been a difficult year, and I think the community has really missed the opportunity to see each other in the usual ways, especially at the conference and members' meeting. I was struck today by how much people seemed to want to stay in the Zoom (imagine!), just to have a chance to see each other.

With my sincerest wishes for health and happiness to you and yours,

Kathryn Tomasek
Chair, TEI-C Executive Board
Co-Editor in Chief, Scholarly Editing
Professor of History
Wheaton College
Norton, Massachusetts

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