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TEI Guidelines 4.1.0 / Stylesheets 7.50.0 out now!

Scholger, Martina (martina.scholger@uni-graz.at)

Dear TEI Community!


The TEI Consortium has released version 4.1.0 of the TEI Guidelines, the ‘Wash your hands and wear a mask!’ release and version 7.50.0 of the TEI Stylesheets.


Our release technicians were Hugh Cayless, Nicholas Cole, and Jessica Lu, assisted by Martin Holmes, Syd Bauman, and Raffaele Viglianti. The release went very smoothly which is just the way we like it. Thanks to all who contributed!

For details, please see the release notes below.


As always, we encourage you all to report bugs and make feature requests via the GitHub site at https://github.com/TEIC/TEI/issues. Your input is what tells us what to work on, and we cannot do without it! All of the TEI Consortium’s software projects are hosted at https://github.com/TEIC and issues or feature requests should be reported at the various project repositories there. The Guidelines are available from all the usual places (such as the TEI website http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/index.html and the GitHub site https://github.com/TEIC/TEI/releases/tag/P5_Release_4.1.0. A new release of the TEI Stylesheets has been made in conjunction with the 4.1.0 release at https://github.com/TEIC/Stylesheets/releases/tag/v7.50.0. The TEI Guidelines and the Stylesheets are available for download at https://sourceforge.net/projects/tei/files/. Please note that the Oxygen plugin and the Debian packages will be updated soon.



Best wishes to you all and happy encoding!

Martina Scholger

TEI Technical Council Chair


TEI P5 version 4.1.0 and Stylesheets version 7.50.0 release notes


Release 4.1.0 is codenamed ‘Wash your hands and wear a mask!’

This release introduces new features and resolves a number of issues raised by the TEI community. As always, the majority of these changes and corrections are a consequence of feature requests or bugs reported by the TEI community using the GitHub tracking system. A full list of the issues resolved in the course of this release cycle may be found under the<a href="https://github.com/TEIC/TEI/issues?q=is%3Aissue&#43;milestone%3A%22Guidelines&#43;4.1.0%22&#43;is%3Aclosed"> 4.1.0 milestone.

The following changes are particularly worth highlighting in this release:

  • Chapter 11, Representation of Primary Sources, has been restructured. In addition, the language on the usage of sourceDoc for encoding spatial features and text for encoding textual phenomena has been clarified (#1427).
  • The guidelines on encoding short-form citations with bibliographic details using the corresp attribute on the bibl element have been expanded (#1431).
  • The ‘minimal’ exemplar TEI customization has been entirely replaced with a new version (#1540).
  • A constraint on the usage of the restriction attribute on the dataRef element has been added: restriction can only be used together with the name attribute (#1606).
  • Most of the exemplar ODD customizations have been ‘purified’ — converted to use the ODD language, not RELAX NG, to describe element content models (#1609).
  • The class membership of q has been changed. In the course of this, the element class model.qLike was renamed to model.attributable. Consequently, the use of the q element is allowed in additional contexts (#1918), including
  • The surplus element has been added to the content model of subst. The subst element must have at least one child add and at least one child del or surplus (#1661).
  • A new datatype, teidata.authority has been introduced. Its value may be either a value from an enumerated list defined in the document's schema, or a URI (ostensibly referring to an authority list that is not in the document's schema). The new datatype is used by the where attribute of the move element (#1769).
  • A new attribute class att.lexicographic.normalized holding the attributes norm and orig has been introduced. The existing attribute classes att.lexicographic and att.linguistic are now members of the new attribute class (#1776 and #1973), thanks to Piotr Bański.
  • The elements interp, interpGrp, span, and spanGrp are now members of the attribute class att.typed (#1844).
  • The titlePage element and most elements from the classes model.titlepagePart and model.frontPart.drama are now available in the rdg and lem elements (#1848).
  • Further discussion of editorial theory and practice has been added to chapter 12, Critical Apparatus (#1849).
  • A discussion of the use of witDetail without target has been added to chapter 12, Critical Apparatus — such a witDetail refers to the closest preceding rdg or lem (#1852).
  • The rendering of the Deprecation Appendix has been improved (#1854).
  • The class model.graphicLike and the pc element have been added to the content model of the cit element (#1914 and #1891).
  • The datatype of the role attribute of the org element has been changed from teidata.word to teidata.enumerated (#1908).
  • Multiple seriesStmt elements are now allowed in the TEI Header and in the biblFull element (#1998).
  • The content model of the standOff element, which functions as a container for linked data, contextual information, and stand-off annotations embedded in a TEI document, has been further extended with the introduction of new elements, classes, extensions of content models, and related explanations (#2018):
  • The pron element is now a member of the attribute class att.typed (#2020).
  • Corrections of typographic errors and broken links, improvements on explanations, and corrections of examples, constraints and references have been conducted in various sections of the Guidelines (including #1781, #1980, #1982, #2025).

In addition, many improvements have been made to the XSLT stylesheets (which provide processing of TEI ODD files for Roma and OxGarage as well as other TEI conversions). The Stylesheets are maintained separately from the Guidelines at https://github.com/TEIC/Stylesheets. A full list of the issues resolved in the course of this release cycle may be found under the<a href="https://github.com/TEIC/Stylesheets/issues?q=is%3Aissue&#43;milestone%3A%22Release&#43;7.50.0%22&#43;is%3Aclosed"> 7.50.0 milestone.

Highlights of this release include:

  • The Noto CJK fonts have been made the default for the PDF version of the Guidelines. This resolves a number of rendering issues (#132, #148, and #202).
  • Several http references have been replaced with https (#378 and #400).
  • The handling of the dataRef element with name attributes has been corrected (#408).
  • Table cells spanning multiple columns are now automatically centered in jTEI conversions (#409).
  • In the conversion from jTEI to OpenEdition, the unrecognized elements title level="s" and email are now ignored rather than incorrectly rendered (#430).
  • The JQuery library has been updated to the current version: 3.5.1 (#433).
  • Incorrect rendering of Arabic in the PDF version of the Guidelines has been resolved (#442).

Finally, we have made some updates to our documentation and the website:

·         The ODD documentation has been updated and improved (#1082 and #1813).

·         Documentation on Workload and Guidelines for Resignation has been added to the documentation repository as TCW 30.





Dr. Martina Scholger

Centre for Information Modeling

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University of Graz

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