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TEI Guidelines : Publication Date for P3 announced

LOU Burnard-8
The Editors of the Text Encoding Initiative take great pleasure in
announcing that TEI P3, the ACH/ALLC/ACL Guidelines for Text Encoding
for Interchange, will be officially published by the three sponsoring
organizations on 16 May 1994.  Full ordering information is given below.

TEI P3 is a completed and much revised version of the P2 draft which we
have been publishing in fascicle form since April 1992.  It contains
1300 pages of detailed analysis of problem areas, presentation of the
TEI tag sets, exhaustive examples and full reference documentation.  The
TEI Guidelines constitute one of the fullest and most systematic
attempts yet undertaken to describe the whole range of texts of interest
to scholars in our research communities, using the international
standard SGML.  With their completion a new chapter opens in the use of
computers in research and teaching.

Part I of the Guidelines contains introductory chapters on the TEI DTD
structure, on SGML and on the TEI itself, together with a full
description of the header and core tag sets, and of the default text
structure.  Part II describes the base tag sets for prose, verse, drama,
transcriptions of spoken text, print dictionaries, and terminological
databases.  In Part III, ten additional tag sets are described (for
linkage and alignment; simple analysis; feature structure analysis;
certainty and responsibility; transcriptions of primary sources;
critical apparatus; names and dates; graphs, networks, and trees;
tables, formulae, and graphics; and language corpora).  Part IV
describes three auxiliary DTDs: for independent headers, writing system
declarations, feature system declarations, and tag set documentation.  A
number of technical topics are addressed in part V, specifically, the
notion of conformance, methods of modifying the TEI DTD, rules for
interchange of TEI-conforming documents, and ways of handling multiple
hierarchies.  Part VI comprises a complete alphabetical list of all
classes, entities, and elements defined in the TEI DTD, each of which is
independently documented.  The volume includes reference material on
obtaining and using the TEI DTD and WSDs, a formal specification of the
TEI interchange format, a bibliography, and an index.

On publication, the TEI Guidelines will be available in paper form from
each of the addresses below, at the price of $75 (50 pounds or 7500
yen).  A discount price is available to members of the three sponsoring
organizations ($50, 35 pounds, or 5000 yen).  Orders may be placed at
any time using the form at the end of this message.  The Guidelines will
also be made available in electronic form by anonymous FTP by the
publication date, if not before: watch this list for further

The editors and steering committee would like to take this opportunity
of expressing our thanks to our funders, (the US National Endowment of
the Humanities, DG XIII of the European Commission, the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation, and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of
Canada) and also to the many institutions and software houses who have
provided support during the long process of bringing these Guidelines to
fruition.  Our chief thanks however go to all of those volunteers from
within the research community who have worked with us over the last five
years of drafting, re-drafting, revising, criticizing, discussing, and
revising yet again.  If there is merit in the results, it belongs to the
community which identified the need for this work and encouraged and
made it possible for us to carry it out.

We would also like to record our personal indebtedness to Don Walker, to
whose memory the work is dedicated.

We hope that you will find these Guidelines useful and look forward to
your comments for their future improvement!

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
Lou Burnard

Paris, 24 April 1994

--------------------------------order form------------------------

TEI P3 will be available from the addresses below in Chicago, Oxford,
and Chiba.  Return this form together with payment to the nearest of the

EITHER    C. M. Sperberg McQueen
          University of Illinois at Chicago
          Academic Computing Center (M/C 135)
          1940 W. Taylor, Rm. 124
          Chicago IL  60612-7352
          fax: +1 (312) 668 6834

OR        TEI Orders
          Oxford University Computing Services
          13 Banbury Road
          Oxford OX2 6NN
          fax +44 (865) 273275

OR        Prof. Syun Tutiya
          Department of Philosophy
          Chiba University
          1-33 Yayoi-cho
          Chiba Chiba 263   JAPAN
          fax: +81 (43) 256-7032




City:                               Postcode/ZIP:

Please supply  .....  copies of TEI P3
at Standard Price:  ($75/50 pounds/7500 Yen)
   Discount Price:  ($50/35 pounds/5000 Yen)
Shipping and handling Charges
   Parcel Post    (no charge)
   Surface/first class       ($10/10 pounds per copy)        ......
   Express delivery within Europe/North America only:
                             ($30/20 pounds per copy)        ......

                              Total sum enclosed: __________________

Payments to the Chicago office must be by check in US Dollars
payable to the Association for Computers and the Humanities.

Payments to the Oxford office must be by cheque or money order in
sterling or US Dollars, payable to Oxford University Computing

Payments to the Chiba office must be in yen; for details, please
contact Prof. Tutiya by email ([hidden email]) or by
fax: +81 (43) 256-7032.