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TEI-L ground rules

Lou Burnard-7
It's been suggested to me and my co-editor that some subscribers to this
list might find helpful a set of documents giving ground rules for its
use. Sort of brief statement of what we're about, hints on netiquette,
pointers to useful background reading, that kind of stuff. As my
co-editor is currently fast asleep, I thought I'd anticipate his likely
response (unless of course he's already made it while I was fast asleep
-- ah, the wonders of transatlantic communication).

The following files are available from the ListServ at UICVM already:

EDJ1 MEMO -- Introduces basic notions of TEI, its goals and purpose
EDJ2 MEMO -- Introduces elementary (only!) notions of SGML
TEIURC MEMO -- blank form for comments on TEI Guidelines

Shortly available (probably by the time this note gets there)

SHORTBIB MEMO -- Brief annotated bibliography of useful further
               reading about SGML (by Robin Cover)

If you have not already read all of these, please get them and do so.
If you've lost your instructions on how to use the Server -- you can
request copies of these and other files by sending a note to
LISTSERV@UICVM  (*NOT* to TEI-L@UICVM!!) containing the lines
I believe GET may also be spelled SEND if you prefer.

If you want to catch up on the past month's discussions, you can also
request ListServ to send you the whole lot again. Messages are
accumulated in monthly files -- so particularly vociferous months may
take a while to get to you. October, for example, is already over 4000
records. The monthly files are obtained in the same way as any others
-- their names are TEI-L LOG9010 (for October 1990), TEI-L LOG9009
(for September 1990) -- and go back to TEI-L 8903, I have just realised.

What other sorts of information would subscribers like to see
covered in this way?   Bear in mind that we will probably lump them
all together as an introductory mailing for new subscribers, so they
should not be too long.

Lou Burnard