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TEI Meta-Workshop Announcement : book now!

Lou Burnard-2
                           TEI Meta-Workshop
                       Chicago, 12-16 December 1994

The Text Encoding Initiative is pleased to announce a Workshop for
potential TEI Consultants and Trainers,  to be held in Chicago, 12-16
December 1994 (Monday-Friday). We're calling this a "Metaworkshop"
because its object will be to provide  participants with an intensive
training in the teaching of TEI workshops -- not directly to train
potential users of the TEI Guidelines. The size of the Workshop will be
fixed (probably no more than 30 participants) but if it is a great
success, we'll organize others...

Who should attend?

The Workshop will be open to both academic and commercial participants.
Participants should have extensive experience using computers for
textual research, and preferably also  familiarity with SGML and the TEI
Guidelines. They must also be willing to teach or help teach one or more
multi-day TEI workshop during the next two years, or to act as a
TEI-assigned consultant to outside projects.  (We don't guarantee to
provide such consultancies -- but we want to build up a pool of
expertise which the community can draw on).

I'm interested. What should I do?

Send either of us a note describing who you are and what you do. Tell us
what technical expertise you have, where your general interests in using
the TEI lie, and how relevant use of the TEI scheme is to your current
employment. Please also indicate whether you would need a full or
partial financial subsidy to attend.

What will it cost?

There will be no Workshop fee, but some participants may have to pay
their own travel and lodging, as we have only a limited amount of
funding to cover travel and subsistence. Free places will be allocated
by the workshop organizers on the basis of your  application.
Self-funding participants will need to find the cost of travel to
Chicago, and of a week's accomodation in University housing (the rates
are currently being negotiated, but are unlikely to exceed $75 a day,
all found).


If you're interested, please let us know as soon as possible, although
we don't expect to be formally reviewing applications and allocating
places until mid-October. Applications received after October 30th 1994
will not be considered for this Workshop.

Michael Sperberg-McQueen        [hidden email]
Lou Burnard                     [hidden email]