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TEI document type declarations posted

Michael Sperberg-McQueen
This is to announce that the TEI document type declarations, as
corrected for version 1.1 of the guidelines, are now available from the
TEI-L server.  To retrieve a list of them (and all the other files
available from the server) send the following request to LISTSERV at
UICVM -- n.b. to listserv, not to tei-l:

    get tei-l filelist

To get an individual file, send the same basic request, but substitute
the filename and filetype in question for 'tei-l' and 'filelist'.  Thus,
to get TEI1 DTD (the one referred to in the text as 'TEI1.DTD'), send
the request GET TEI1 DTD -- and so on.

Several of the examples in the guidelines were also changed in version
1.1, and we hope to get all of them posted soon as well, though they
aren't on the server yet.

The DTD files now on the server are:

  TEI1     DTD  (the main file or 'driver file')
  TEIHDR1  DTD  (defines the TEI header)
  TEIWSD1  DTD  (defines the TEI writing system declaration)
  TEIBASE1 DTD  (defines basic structural tags)
  TEIFRON1 DTD  (defines front matter)
  TEIBACK1 DTD  (defines back matter)
  TEILOW1  DTD  (defines low-level tags)
  TEICRYS1 DTD  (defines crystals)
  TEILING1 DTD  (defines linguistic analysis tags)
  TEIREND1 DTD  (defines rendition features)
  TEIDRAM1 DTD  (defines basic structure for drama -- an alternative
                 to TEIBASE1)
  TEITC1   DTD  (defines text-critical apparatus tags)

We will do our best to keep current versions on the server at all times;
let us know if you discover problems, inconsistencies, etc.  in them.

-Michael Sperberg-McQueen
 ACH / ACL / ALLC Text Encoding Initiative
 University of Illinois at Chicago