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TEI in a historical context

D. R. Morgans
Hi, I'm a new entrant to the world of TEI and SGML and am  making
a rather timorous plea for help!

One of our researchers has been invited to help in the definition
of  'tags'  which  are specific to certain  types  of  historical
document.   Specifically  data  recording traffic  on  the  River
Severn  in  the  17th & 18th Centuries (the data  is  held  on  a
database).   The  interest  in TEI  stems  from  another  related
project,  a dictionary of terms used to describe the  cargoes  of
such  traffic;  barrels, tuns, pecks etc.  The full  text  for  a
database  entry could be used to give context  information  about
the term.

There are a number of concordance packages which can be used  for
similar purposes but they tend to be inflexible in the amount  of
context that can be displayed.

Has  the use of SGML conformant markup languages  been  discussed
for the production of contextual dictionaries?  How can the  work
of TEI further this?

Thanks  if  anyone can offer any help on this.  I'm sorry  if  my
description  is rather vague but I'm still struggling  with  SGML
and its related applications.

Note  1:  the River Severn is the longest river  in  England  and
Wales and it flows through or near some of the early economic and
industrial  towns and cities; Shrewsbury, Telford, Worcester  and

Note  2: the patterns of traffic on the River during 17th &  18th
C's  can  be used to explore changes in the social  and  economic
climate of central Britain and beyond.