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Michael S. Hart-2
Last month Lou Burnard wrote a message which seemed to have ended the
discussion on easy access by other programs, the DOS TYPE command, etc.
His message carried the message that TEI-L was for the purpose of
discussing the TEI proposal.  Apparently I need to make an official
annoucement that my comments here are indeed meant as suggestions for
consideration for inclusion in the TEI guidelines, operations, etc.

For the record:

I propose that the Text Encoding Initiative include, as part of their
guidelines, programs, operations, etc., the inclusion of a requirement
that access to TEI texts by word processors, search and retrieval programs,
simple TYPE, LIST, GREP, CAT and other commands, so the great majority of
computer users may benefit from these etexts.

Any other policy will lead to a microcosmic centralization of the usage
of these materials, rather than to the general improvements which will
be yielded by electronic texts, whether it be sooner or later, whether
it will be assisted or retarded by the efforts of the TEI.

In this day of massive illiteracy in Great Britain, the United States,
and, yes, to a certain degree in Canada, any effort to increase literacy
must, in good concience, be made.

Michael S. Hart

Disclaimer:  these are not necessarily the opinions of any institution
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