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TEI slogans - membership campaign

Laurent Romary

Dear TEI community,

As you know the work of the TEI consortium relies entirely on the personal and institutional memberships that many of you generously contribute. Individual and institutional memberships are particularly important to ensure the timeliness and quality of work by our technical council, which meets face to face twice a year to deal with bugs and suggestions from you, the TEI community.

In order to make sure we continue as an independent consortium maintaining and offering open standards to everyone concerned with text encoding at large, the TEI board is about to initiate a membership campaign that you will see appear at various places on our web site.

The first step is to gather multilingual slogans that would appear on your browser on the basis of your language preferences. We would be very grateful if you could contribute to this effort and add equivalent slogans for your language in the following document (in comment mode; please ask if you want to edit directly):


There can be more than one proposal for a language at this stage; we will try to make an optimal selection for the advertising campaign.

Many thanks in advance for your help. And for those of you who are already convinced, join right away under:  http://members.tei-c.org

For the TEI board,