VeDPH events: EUPORIA 2021 and Catullus

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VeDPH events: EUPORIA 2021 and Catullus

Paolo Monella
Dear all,

1) EUPORIA 2021

with apologies for cross-posting, the VeDPH (Venice Centre for Digital
and Public Humanities) announces EUPORIA 2021, a webinar series in
Theories and Practices of the Annotation through Domain-Specific
Languages, organized by Federico Boschetti (CoPHILAB, CHR-ILC, VeDPH)
and Andrea Taddei (LAMA - University of Pisa).

The first two webinars will be:

30 November 2020, 17:00 CET (
Speaker: Luigi Bambaci
"Euporia and Textual Criticism: Domain–Specific Languages for Encoding
and Annotating Critical Apparatus"

7 Dicember 2020, 17:00 CET (
Speakers: Daniele Fusi e Daniel Kiss
"Encoding a critical apparatus: the cases of «Musisque Deoque» and
«Catullus Online»".

More information in
Please register through

2) A separate webinar, also organized by the VeDPH:

Dániel Kiss,"Per una nuova edizione di Catullo III"
19 November 2020, 16:00 CET (

This will constitute the third session of the seminar cycle on the text
of Catullus. Most of the discussion will be in Italian, but
contributions to the discussion in English (and other major European
languages) are also very welcome.

Abstract by the speaker:
At the start of the session, we will look at philological problems in
Catullus, poems 26 (taking in the real estate market of ancient Rome)
and 102. We will move on to poems 61 (concentrating on lines 45–46,
90–96 and 215–16) and 62 (lines 22 and 54–56). Participants may find it
useful to look at these texts in advance.

All best,
Paolo Monella and the VeDPH team