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Mandell, Laura C. Dr.
Visualizing the Archive [Please circulate the following announcement]

The PAJ is proud to announce a new special issue, “Visualizing the Archive,” edited by Laura Mandell:

Graphesis <>    
Johanna Drucker   

Vector Futures: New Paradigms for Imag(in)ing the Humanities <>    
Matthew Kirschenbaum   

Digital Representation and the Hyper Real <>    
Susan Schreibman   

NewRadial: Revisualizing the Blake Archive <>    
Jon Saklofske   

What is Visualization? <>    
Lev Manovich   

"Inventing the Map" in the Digital Humanities: a Young Lady's Primer <>    
Bethany Nowviskie   

Ubiquitous Text Analysis <>    
Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan G. Sinclair, Stan Ruecker, Peter Organisciak   

Virtual Delville as Archival Research: Rendering Women's Garden History Visible <>    
Lisa L. Moore   

Audio-visual Rhetoric and its Methods of Visualization <>    
Gesche Joost, Sandra Buchmueller, Tom Bieling   

GIS, Texts, and Images: New Approaches <>    
Ian Gregory   

Snapshots of a Discipline in Transition <>    
Todd Presner   

For those of you who viewed the issue when it first came out in draft, available for comments, new features have been added to the final publication:
·     a podcast-interview with Todd Presner, discussing the issue as well as the changes currently underway in the conduct of literary disciplines;

·     a zoomify set of figures for Bethany Nowviskie’s article on cognitive-spatio-temporal reality;

·     an html version of the article by Rockwell, Sinclair, Ruecker, and Organisciak that contains Voyeur frames and live information feeds;

·     movies showing the 3D garden simulation of Mary Delany’s eighteenth-century gardens.