Workshop: NKOS at DC-2017

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Workshop: NKOS at DC-2017

DCMI Announce

NKOS at DC-2017
   Full-day Workshop at DC-2017, Washington, DC, 26-29 October 2017


:: Workshop Facilitators:
   Joseph BuschTaxonomy Strategies
   Gail HodgesInformation International Associates 
:: Time: 8:30-5:30 DST 
:: Date: 28 October 2017

Early registration ends Friday, 15 September 2017. 
Register now and save! 
Full conference and day rates are available.


The 11th U.S. Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop will include: (1) Presentations, typically 20 minutes plus discussion time on work related to the themes of the workshop (see below); and (2) Demonstration on work related to the themes of the workshop.


    Courtney R. ButlerFederal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
    Joseph BuschTaxonomy Strategies
    Julaine ClunisKent State University
    Brett D. CurrierFederal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
    Susan Pick DubasWorld Bank
    Paul GrothElsevier Labs
    Diane HillmanMetadata Management Associates
    Marjorie HlavaAccess Innovations
    Gail HodgeInformation International Associates
    Tao HuKent State University
    Michael LauruhnElsevier Labs
    Sujit PalElsevier Labs
    Cristina PattuelliPratt Institute
    Jon PhippsMetadata Management Associates
    Denisa PopescuWorld Bank
    Jian QinSyracuse University
    Hannah SistrunkPratt Institute
    Dagobert SoergelSUNY Buffalo
    Joseph TennisUniversity of Washington
    Nicholas WeberUniversity of Washington
    Marcia ZengKent State University

For additional information about the workshop, presentations and to register, visit the conference website at