XML Summer School in Oxford Sept 17-22

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XML Summer School in Oxford Sept 17-22

Peter Flynn-8
This year's XML Summer School takes place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, the
week of the 17-22 September. For details see http://xmlsummerschool.com

You can attend for individual days, or go for the whole week of XML.
There are classes at all levels, starting with a primer and hands-on
intro, and including XSLT, XQuery, XML in Publishing, and Linked Data,
with another hands-on class on Digital Publishing, as well as the Trends
and Transients update.

There is an early bird discount for registering before June 30, 2016.

The XML Summer School is a unique event for everyone using, designing or
implementing solutions using XML and related technologies. The
philosophy guiding the school is to help delegates learn at the boundary
of proven technology from recognised experts teaching proven techniques
which guarantee that delegates can use what they learn when they go back
to the office.

Claimer: I'm involved in organising and teaching this event.