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De Tienne, Andre

I came across the attribute class att.ptrLike.form.xml within the list of XML files at  The link there brings out the page  It is not listed among the 76 attribute classes in “Appendix B Attribute Classes,” however. Its purpose is to "provide attributes which indicate the orthographic or pronunciation forms of the headword in a dictionary." The only attribute it manages is "target", to identify the orthographic form or pronunciation referred to (as a teidata.pointer). I note that there is among the model classes one called "model.ptrLike.form", which "groups elements used for purposes of location of particular orthographic or pronunciation forms within a dictionary entry." Both the attribute class and the model belong to the Dictionaries module. The model governs two elements, oRef (orthographic reference) and pRef (pronunciation reference), which are members of the att.pointing class (purveyor of the target attribute). 


Should one conclude that the att.ptrLike.form class has long been deprecated and replaced by the att.pointing.class, and that its continued presence in P5's current vault is merely ghostly?





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