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module for paper and watermark description

Ermenegilda Müller
Dear TEI users, 

This e-mail is intended for those of you who work on documents written on paper. I am currently working on watermarks in Icelandic paper manuscripts, and would like to make a TEI-P5 module for paper and watermark description. 
There is currently a watermark element, but it does not cover the needs of someone who wants to describe paper thoroughly. 
My idea is to follow the standards of the International Association of Paper Historians for the registration of paper ( to create the structure and new elements of this module.
Is anyone currently working on creating such a module, or has anyone created one without publishing it? If so, please get in touch with me. 
I would be glad to receive help for this project or collaborate on already existing ones. 
Also, please feel free to contact me if such a module would be useful to you in your work and if you have suggestions on how it should be made.

Best regards, 

Ermenegilda Müller