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Subject:  Re: 4.0551  TEI, SGML, and Real Word Processing    (3/103)
To:       Text Encoding Initative public discussion list
 <TEI-L%[hidden email]>
Date:     04 Oct 90  2:14 PM
From:     David Stone <[hidden email]>

As an outsider with no material interest, I'd like to  offer  my  2d  on

Michael Hart and others who sympathise with him should be counting their
blessings,  not  denigrating  the  current  TEI  Guidelines.  At least a
TEI-SGML document _can_ be edited with any ordinary text editor, and  it
only  uses  restricted  7-bit  ASCII  to  ensure wide comprehensibility.
Moreover, the markup is readable by humans, and uses mnemonics for tags:
not  special  control characters or non-character bit combinations (like
many WPs).

Contrast this  with  the  ODA-ODIF  standard  for  interchanging  office
documents,  promoted  by the CCITT, ISO, ECMA and several major computer
vendors.  It uses ASN.1 to structure the document  -  and  editors  that
understand ASN.1-ODIF are few and very expensive.  ASN.1-structured data
are almost impossible just to read,  let  alone  edit,  without  special
tools.   (ASN.1 and ODIF have their advantages, too:  but that's another

>>From this perspective, the TEI and SGML _do_  (were  those  "_"s  normal
ASCII  text,  or  markup?   :-) ) "provide etexts a normal person with a
normal word processor can take quotations from without any further ado",
at  least with no more ado than moving from one word-processor format to

David Stone.

The above are my private views and are not (necessarily) the views
of Prime Computer.